Zero added sugar

When my mother was diagnosed with diabetes unexpectedly, I scrambled to look for low sugar, low glycemic index snacks to fit into her busy lifestyle. However, a lot of snacks we thought were healthy options actually were relatively high in sugar or carbs or were made with very “processed” ingredients (Yeah, I’m looking at you, soy nuggets and rice crisps).

Finding few good options, I set out to create an easy-to-eat snack based on nuts and seeds which are naturally low in sugar.  This gave my mom a healthy alternative to high sugar or highly processed foods.


Love and science got a chance to work together.


-Melanie Gong, Founder


Eat more natural


Nuts and seeds are naturally good sources of protein and fiber.  Eating Hi-FiBar makes you feel full without having to consume a high calorie count.  The protein helps prevent you from nibbling all day.  The fiber serves as a prebiotic to nurture the beneficial microbes in your gut to improve digestive health and support your immune system.

Hi-FiBar has no added sugar, not even those disguised under attractive names like “pure cane juice crystals”, “agave nectar”, etc.  This means that eating Hi-FiBar will not spike your blood sugar level after consumption and you won’t feel tired after eating or stress out your insulin response.


Best of all - these taste great!  But don't take our word for it... try one today.